Spotlights: ORIE

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Big Red Data

Data scientists never really know where their work is going to take them. David Shmoys, the Laibe/Acheson Professor of Business Management and Leadership Studies at Cornell Engineering, has applied... Read more

Lynden Archer

Lynden Archer, Cornell Engineering Dean

"Cornell’s experience was, in fact, part of a national trend which saw a shift in research funding patterns away from the lone wolf investigator model. That historical shift underpinned a broader move toward collaborative interdisciplinary science, which you will recognize in my past and which is what I believe led me here." Read more

Alberto Vera

Alberto Vera Ph.D. '20

What does being a Cornellian mean to you? That you are serious about your work and not afraid of the cold. Who inspired or influenced you during your time at Cornell? Chamsi (Hssaine) Woo-Hyung (Cho)... Read more

ORIE Ph.D. graduate '20 Sam Gutekunst

Meet Sam Gutekunst

Sam Gutekunst, Ph.D. student in Cornell’s School of Operations Research and Information Engineering (ORIE), knew that he wanted to be a teacher before he knew exactly what it was he wanted to teach.... Read more

Andrew Daw

Andrew Daw Ph.D. '20

Andrew is a fifth-year Ph.D. student in the School of Operations Research and Information Engineering where he is advised by Jamol Pender. His research interests are in applied probability and... Read more

Katya Scheinberg

Welcome Katya Scheinberg ( 2019 )

Katya Scheinberg has joined the faculty of Cornell’s School of Operations Research and Information Engineering (ORIE). Scheinberg was previously the Harvey E. Wagner Endowed Chair Professor at the... Read more

Peter Frazier

How We Use Machine Learning

by Jackie Swift If you’ve ever used Uber, then you probably know about surge pricing, times when the fare price suddenly increases for rides originating in a certain location. For riders, a surge can... Read more