Spotlights: ORIE

Caroline He

A perfect fit: ORIE and Caroline He

When Caroline He ’23 started at Cornell Engineering, she listed her area of academic interest as biomedical engineering. This is not surprising, as several of her grandparents and her father are... Read more

ORIE M.Eng. alum and Procter and Gamble senior director Irene Poh

ORIE M.Eng. alum asks "What can I learn next?"

ORIE M.Eng. alum Irene Poh ’01 M.Eng. ’02 believes that one key to a successful and satisfying career is to avoid defining your job as simply what you do. “It’s so much better to always ask yourself... Read more

Lijun Ding

ORIE Ph.D. Spotlight - Lijun Ding

Name: Lijun Ding Hometown: Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China Degree(s) pursuing / earned: Ph.D. in Operations Research Concentration: Mathematical Programming, and Applied Probability & Statistics What... Read more

Cornell students at commencement

ORIE Commencement Weekend

Cornell May Commencement Weekend is Friday-Sunday, May 27-29. Please visit the link below for the latest information on ORIE Commencement news. Read more

Alberto Vera

Alberto Vera Ph.D. '20

What does being a Cornellian mean to you? That you are serious about your work and not afraid of the cold. Who inspired or influenced you during your time at Cornell? Chamsi (Hssaine) Woo-Hyung (Cho)... Read more