Alberto Vera Ph.D. '20

Alberto Vera
Alberto Vera Ph.D. '20
Alberto Vera Ph.D. '20

What does being a Cornellian mean to you?
That you are serious about your work and not afraid of the cold.

Who inspired or influenced you during your time at Cornell?
Chamsi (Hssaine) Woo-Hyung (Cho) influenced me a lot with their views, warm friendship, and open mindedness

What will you miss the most about Cornell?
I miss the corridor—you can just go and knock on someone’s door and ask him or her a question. If I didn’t know the right large deviation bound I’d go and ask (Professor) Yudong (Chen), if I wanted a property for optimization problems I’d bother James, etc.

What surprised you most about your Cornell experience?
I wish there were more meet-and-mingle events with other students, especially with non-math people.

What moments, big or small, made your Big Red experience special?
The activities in the Cornell clubs, I really enjoyed all the dances hosted by the swing club and the ballroom club.

What are your plans “Post Cornell”?
I’m working at Amazon as a research scientist.

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