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The School of Operations Research and Information Engineering maintains a leading international reputation resting on core expertise in optimization, probability and statistics. The high quality of ORIE students and faculty ensure that Cornell will retain its preeminence in the world of operations research.

Graduate Programs

Doctor of Philosophy
Our Ph.D. program is a rigorous and academically-demanding program that involves independent investigation of open problems with the purpose of creating original scholarly work of the highest caliber. Doctoral graduates are prepared for academic teaching and research positions and placement in the private sector. Operations Research field-faculty at the Ithaca Campus, as well as at Cornell Tech (in NYC) , advise Ph.D. students. All Ph.D. students complete their foundational course work in Ithaca during the first one or two years. Ph.D. students that would like to work with advisors located at Cornell Tech move to New York City after finishing their foundational course work.

Master of Engineering in Ithaca
Our Master of Engineering program is a full-time, professionally-oriented program that builds on traditional math, scientific, and engineering skills and concentrates on the application of these skills to practical problems. The M.Eng. degree requires the completion of an engineering design project in lieu of a research thesis.

Master of Engineering at Cornell Tech (NYC)
Our Master of Engineering program at Cornell Tech is a one-year program on our NYC campus. This is a professionally-oriented program specifically designed to create experts that can use algorithms, computational tools and large amounts of data to provide business intelligence for the fast-faced, data-driven tech world. The program fully takes places at Cornell Tech.

Cornell Financial Engineering Manhattan
Our Financial Engineering program is specifically designed to be a three-semester program (Fall-Spring-Fall), with the first and second semesters taking place in Ithaca and the third (i.e., second fall) semester taking place at Cornell Financial Engineering Manhattan in New York City.

Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Science
A four-year course of study culminating in a Bachelor of Science degree from the College of Engineering.


Advanced Analysis. Optimal Results.
Cornell Operations Research harnesses the power of mathematical and computer modeling and information technology to help solve complex problems.

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Latest Spotlights

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Goldberg’s work is in applied probability, with a focus on topics including inventory and queueing models, combinatorial optimization, robust optimization, and multi-arm bandits.