Cornell faculty and students are instrumental in the Citibikes program in New York City


The School of Operations Research and Information Engineering (ORIE) is committed to creative, original scholarly research of the highest caliber. Our research fosters the study, design, and integration of complex situations and systems and efficient decision making. ORIE has earned world-class distinction as an international focal point of engineering excellence and a catalyst for operations research thought leadership.

ORIE faculty members advance the theory of Operations Research through discoveries that enhance the rich literature of the field. These results inform and influence decision making and improve performance in government and business, for example, from developing new standards which impact aircraft stability to mass-casualty response logistics.

Cornell Operations Research studies complex situations through:

  • analyzing and mining data
  • building large-scale analytic models, both stochastic and deterministic
  • creating algorithms for solving problems
  • executing large-scale simulation models

Cornell Operations Research emphasizes both methodological and applied research. Our creativity also translates theory into practical application from optimizing where and when to place ambulances for fast response times to assessing pathogen risk in natural water supplies. The faculty continues to seek new solutions and provide fresh and valuable insight for improved decision making.