Please support ORIE on Cornell Giving Day 2021

Cornell Giving Day

Cornell Giving Day will be Thursday, March 11 (12:00 a.m. - 11:59 p.m.). There are many ways to stay connected, and investing in the college is one of the most essential ways that you can become involved. Please support the School of Operations Research and Information Engineering on Giving Day 2021!

Once a Cornell Engineer, always a Cornell Engineer. The relationships formed here are lifelong. But more than that, the network of Cornell alumni who are willing to greet, share ideas and memories, and help one another is incredibly powerful.

Cornell engineering students work hard - they really work hard! In the process of late nights and labs that don't always go well, and breakthroughs that leave you breathless, so much gets shared, and bonds are formed.

Thank you for making Cornell ORIE stronger with your support


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