CFEM celebrates 15th anniversary by hosting Future of Finance Conference

“While I had no doubts this would be a successful forum, I could never imagine the level of positive response. Comments from attendees surpassed any expectation that our panelists or our sponsor envisioned,” Victoria Averbukh, Director of CFEM, said. The conference brought together senior academics, Wall Street practitioners, finance entrepreneurs, and some non-finance people to discuss the future of quant finance. There were 15 wide-ranging panel discussions and a keynote address delivered by retired US Navy Admiral Scott Sanders on “The Geopolitical Risk of Tomorrow.” The sheer number and... Read more

Future of Finance Conference This September Is Not to Be Missed

With the support of our sponsor, Rebellion Research, this event is shaping up to be a one-of-a-kind meeting of a broad range of experts in quant finance. From senior academics to seasoned Wall Streeters and Fintech founders, we are bringing together amazing talent to exchange ideas and share opinions. See the full agenda as it is being finalized. Do not miss this unique event! Join us on September 16th on the Cornell Tech campus in New York City. Click here to reserve your spot (capacity is limited). Read more

New Announcement! UBS and CFEM Partner for AI, Data & Analytics Speaker Series

Today's world of new technologies, the abundance of data, and alacrity to deliver quicker, cheaper and at scale is fueling digitalization [and increasing/changing expectations of Financial Services providers]. At UBS, we are reimagining how we approach our workflow challenges to harness the power of artificial intelligence, data and analytics (ADA) with the newly launched center of expertise being just one example, bringing together data scientists and analytics experts from across the bank to harmonize and unify our group efforts. Find out more about opportunities at UBS. UBS Investment Bank... Read more

Leadership in Ukraine: A Spotlight on Cornell MFE '22 Ivan Kosyuk

From the first day of the war in Ukraine, I searched for an opportunity to help my country. At first, I participated in a volunteer group of engineers to create useful software for the cause. Tech in Ukraine is a promising and rapidly growing sector, but after I learned about the scale of job loss among skilled engineers, I realized that this is where I could help the most. Together with a few members of our community, we formed UA IT HUB - an organization of engineers open to working for clients abroad. By organizing teams within the country, we realized that we could foster expertise in... Read more

CFEM Goes Global: An International Collaboration with Covario

Covario will collaborate with a team of CFEM students to answer the relevant industry question of "How Might We Use Order Limit Book Data on Centralized Crypto Exchanges to Make Short-Term Price Predictions"? Spearheading this project are Luis Fernández, Covario's Head of Quantitative Research, and Prof. Sasha Stoikov, CFEM Head of Research. Mr. Fernández and his team are first-time sponsors, and he noted, "We look forward to helping students experience first-hand the positive impact of when traditional mathematical and scientific skills are applied in the crypto space." To learn more about... Read more

CFEM Class of 2021 Present Final Projects

Capstone Projects: The Hallmark of a Cornell Financial Engineering Education

By: Roselle Bajet

CFEM Senior Research Associate Sasha Stoikov is a faculty advisor who has spent over a decade in guiding students throughout the process of conducting research and gathering data. He notes that CFEM selects a diverse set of companies looking for innovative solutions to financial data science problems. Some projects proposed by Fintech companies in 2021 were related to cryptocurrencies and ESG impact investing. Banks and brokers in our lineup of companies have continued their interest in Machine Learning applications to include factor timing, portfolio allocation, and market making. For example... Read more

CFEM Fireside Chat: A Veteran Trader Speaks to Emerging Women Leaders of Finance

With over 20 years of experience trading equity-linked and convertible securities at multiple major institutions, including D.E. Shaw and Credit Suisse, Ms. Marshak shared her deep knowledge of the markets and her profession. Ms. Marshak started her career as a trading assistant at D.E. Shaw, developed her product and trading expertise as a junior trader at KBC Financial Products, and eventually moved on to lead her desk at Credit Suisse and Piper Sandler. She provided candid insights in overcoming industry challenges where women are underrepresented. The group discussed work-life balance, the... Read more

Zoe Wang

CFEM alum Zoe Wang published in top quant journal

By: Pat Gillespie

Zoe Wang, who received her Master of Engineering degree in financial engineering in December 2020, published a paper in the summer 2021 issue of The Journal of Financial Data Science, arguably the top quant publication. Read more

"Buy-Side Quant of the Year": CFEM Professor Marcos López de Prado and Collaborator Alex Lipton Earn Highest Honors in Risk Awards 2021

By: Roselle Bajet

Their innovative solution involves heat potentials, demonstrating the power of mathematical physics in financial applications. While the collaborators have only just started working with each other, both have longstanding ties to the CFEM community. Currently a Visiting Professor at CFEM, as well as the Global Head of Quantitative Research and Development at the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, Marcos López de Prado has been teaching the class "Advances in Financial Machine Learning" for several years. He has also served as the advisor for graduate student teams in their capstone projects. Both... Read more

ORIE MFEs celebrate their achievements

By: Roselle Bajet

In her opening remarks, CFEM Director Victoria Averbukh encouraged students to be true to themselves and remember to make time for their other talents to flourish alongside their financial careers. ORIE Director Mark Lewis stressed the new responsibilities that come with being Cornell alumni. As Director of M.Eng. Studies Kathryn Caggiano noted to the new graduates, "Pay it forward with your time, with your experience, and with your empathy." In what has become a true CFEM graduation tradition, Senior Research Associate Sasha Stoikov offered a special musical performance to remind students of... Read more