CFEM Goes Global: An International Collaboration with Covario

CFEM is proud to announce several international partnerships for capstone projects in the upcoming Fall 2022 semester. One such sponsor is Covario, an award-winning Crypto Prime Broker based in Zug, Switzerland.

Covario will collaborate with a team of CFEM students to answer the relevant industry question of "How Might We Use Order Limit Book Data on Centralized Crypto Exchanges to Make Short-Term Price Predictions"? 

Spearheading this project are Luis Fernández, Covario's Head of Quantitative Research, and Prof. Sasha Stoikov, CFEM Head of Research. Mr. Fernández and his team are first-time sponsors, and he noted, "We look forward to helping students experience first-hand the positive impact of when traditional mathematical and scientific skills are applied in the crypto space." To learn more about the people and the purpose behind the project, we invite you to read the full post on Covario's blog.

With Covario, we are confident that exciting and innovative work lies ahead!


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