Leadership in Ukraine: A Spotlight on Cornell MFE '22 Ivan Kosyuk

Since the start of the war in Ukraine, one of the MFE students, Ivan Kosyuk, has put his career in finance on hold. Ivan was determined to find solutions to help his country. We would like to share what he has done since then to assist Ukraine and its brave citizens.

"From the first day of the war in Ukraine, I searched for an opportunity to help my country. At first, I participated in a volunteer group of engineers to create useful software for the cause. Tech in Ukraine is a promising and rapidly growing sector, but after I learned about the scale of job loss among skilled engineers, I realized that this is where I could help the most.

"Together with a few members of our community, we formed UA IT HUB—an organization of engineers open to working for clients abroad. By organizing teams within the country, we realized that we could foster expertise in technical skills and lay the foundation for future economic growth. With interest from several companies in the U.S., Europe, and Canada, we signed our first client two weeks after launching and signed six more within the first six weeks. Our background helped to open many doors, but it is our talent pool and expertise in troubleshooting complex software problems that continue to generate work.

"I feel like we are making a positive impact, and I hope our example can guide many other companies and teams around the world."

-Ivan Kosyuk, UA IT HUB

We are proud of Ivan's dedication and initiative and those of all our MFE students in making the world a better place!

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