News: ORIE

Yu receives AFOSR grant

The three-year, $450,000 award will fund Yu’s research into how best to predict outcomes of an intervention from limited data when there may be complex dependences in the outcomes arising from network interference. Yu, an assistant professor in Cornell's School of Operations Research and Information Engineering, explains that existing standard data analyses are able to understand and describe data, but are unable to answer “what if” and “why” questions about predicted outcomes of possible interventions. These existing data analyses can leave policy-makers guessing at the effectiveness of... Read more

Narahari Umanath Prabhu, professor emeritus, dies at 98

Known to most as Uma, Prabhu was born in Calicut (now Kozhikode), India, in 1924 and earned his B.A. in mathematics at Loyola College in Madras, India, an M.A. in statistics from the University of Bombay and an M.S. in mathematics from the University of Manchester in England – all at the top of his class. Prabhu joined the ORIE faculty in 1965 at the age of 41. He had been living in Perth, Australia, and teaching at the University of Western Australia, when a book he wrote, “Stochastic Processes: Basic Theory and Its Applications,” found its way to Frank Spitzer, the late Cornell mathematics... Read more

Multiple ORIE faculty win prizes at 2022 INFORMS

ORIE Director Mark Lewis, who has been with the School for 17 years, was pleased by the recognition of so many ORIE faculty members. INFORMS is the leading international association for operations research and analytics professionals, so to be honored at their annual meeting means a lot. In an email to ORIE faculty Lewis said, “It was an award-winning year for ORIE at INFORMS. We once again ‘punched above our weight.’ Way to go to all! You represent us well!” Here is a complete list of ORIE-affiliated faculty members honored by INFORMS this year: Katya Scheinberg was inducted as an INFORMS... Read more

CFEM celebrates 15th anniversary by hosting Future of Finance Conference

“While I had no doubts this would be a successful forum, I could never imagine the level of positive response. Comments from attendees surpassed any expectation that our panelists or our sponsor envisioned,” Victoria Averbukh, Director of CFEM, said. The conference brought together senior academics, Wall Street practitioners, finance entrepreneurs, and some non-finance people to discuss the future of quant finance. There were 15 wide-ranging panel discussions and a keynote address delivered by retired US Navy Admiral Scott Sanders on “The Geopolitical Risk of Tomorrow.” The sheer number and... Read more

Collaboration to infuse human behavior into epidemiological models

By: Chris Dawson

COVID-19 made clear the need for improved models. Organizations at all levels of society, from small businesses and schools to cities and countries, have been making decisions throughout the pandemic without a clear idea of exactly what factors they should be considering. Cornell’s successful COVID-19 response was shaped largely by models created and updated by members of the School of Operations Research and Information Engineering (ORIE) under the leadership of Peter Frazier, the Eleanor and Howard Morgan Professor, with major contributions by David Shmoys, the Laibe/Acheson Professor of... Read more

Scheinberg named INFORMS Fellow

INFORMS, the largest association for the decision and data sciences, has officially named 12 outstanding members as Fellows, including ORIE's Katya Scheinberg. The 2022 INFORMS Fellows will be inducted during the INFORMS Annual Meeting, Oct. 16-19, which will be held in Indianapolis. Scheinberg joined the School of Operations Research and Information Engineering faculty in July 2019, after serving as the Harvey E. Wagner Endowed Chair Professor at the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at Lehigh University. INFORMS is honoring Scheinberg for "for outstanding research... Read more

Future of Finance Conference This September Is Not to Be Missed

With the support of our sponsor, Rebellion Research, this event is shaping up to be a one-of-a-kind meeting of a broad range of experts in quant finance. From senior academics to seasoned Wall Streeters and Fintech founders, we are bringing together amazing talent to exchange ideas and share opinions. See the full agenda as it is being finalized. Do not miss this unique event! Join us on September 16th on the Cornell Tech campus in New York City. Click here to reserve your spot (capacity is limited). Read more