ORIE Graduation 2022

Some ORIE undergrads in their caps and gowns, waiting outside of Sage Chapel for the ceremony to begin.

More than 170 undergraduate, M.Eng., and doctoral students received their degrees from Cornell University and the School of Operations Research and Information Engineering on the weekend of May 28-29, 2022.

The weekend was marked by fully in-person ceremonies at Schoelkopf Field, Uris Hall, and Sage Chapel with families, friends, and faculty joining the graduates to celebrate their achievements. While the weather was variable, (with some rain on Saturday and sunny blue skies on Sunday), the mood was joyous.

Kathryn Caggiano, Professor of Practice and Director of M.Eng. studies, presented individual awards to the undergraduate, M.Eng., and doctoral students chosen for fellowships or other special recognition.

Honorees are listed below:

Byron W. Saunders and the Allen H. Mogensen Awards for Outstanding Students

  • Bonnie Akhavan
  • Christopher Archer
  • Henry Robbins
  • Zachary Katz
  • Hanyu Zhang

Merrill Presidential Scholars

  • Bonnie Akhavan
  • Kaitlyn MacGillis

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship

  • Christopher Archer

Geraldine and Samuel Dell Master of Engineering Fellowship

  • Zachary Katz

Jack and Linda Muckstadt Graduate Award for ORIE Master of Engineering Excellence

  • Zachary Schaffer

Omega Rho Honor Society Members

  • Bonnie Akhavan
  • Ceren Konak
  • Bennett Miller
  • Vishruth Rajinikanth
  • Vladia Trinh
  • Rebecca Westerlind
  • Hanyu Zhang
  • Selena Kang
  • Eva Zhang
  • Jack Rehmann
  • Henry Robbins
  • Christopher Archer
  • Zili Zhou
  • Kaitlyn MacGillis
  • Ja Young Byun
  • Jody Zhu
  • Yichen Feng

Silent Hoist and Crane Material Handling Prize

  • Honorable Mention: ORIE M.Eng. team working with The Home Depot on the project: “Developing Health Reports for Web Pages”.
    Lihe Cao, Fei Gao, Tara Khanna, Vishruth Rajinikanth, and Gloria Zhang. The project was advised by Professor Sid Banerjee.
  • Third Place: ORIE M.Eng. team working with MITRE Corporation on the project: “Analyzing Pharmaceutical Freight Transportation Network for Resilience”.
    Chang Feng, Lirou Luo, Trevor Xavier, Yue Xiao, and Zongyuan Yuan. The project was advised by Professor Jim Dai.
  • Second Place: ORIE M.Eng. team working with Wegmans on the project: “Improving the Efficiency of Wegmans’ Inbound Supply”.
    Ruifan Chen, Lang Lei, Mert Onengut, Louis St. Pierre, and Jing Zhang. The project was advised by Professor Damek Davis.
  • First Place: ORIE M.Eng. team working with Premier Paint Roller on the project: “Putting Premier Paint’s Mexico Operations in Prime Position: An Application of OR Techniques”.
    Ignacio Arevalo, Pratyush Kothiyal, Jianxiao Li, Zhengyi Sui, and Bjorn Teo. The project was advised by Professor Eric Gentsch.

Andrew Schultz Jr. Awards for Outstanding M.Eng. students

  • Gretchen Siewert
  • Louis St. Pierre
  • Chengyuan Yang


(photos below by Thomas Hoebbel and Chris Dawson

ORIE professor and doctoral graduateAn ORIE Professor and Ph.D. advisor "hoods" a new DoctorSign outside of Sage ChapelStudents outside of Sage Chapel3 ORIE faculty at the UG graduation ceremony in Sage Chapel2 ORIE faculty outside of Saga Chapel, waiting for the UG ceremony to sart.Two ORIE M.Eng. students at graduation.

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