OR&E Minors

In addition to the major program, the School of Operations Research and Information Engineering offers one engineering minor to supplement the other majors in the School.

Minor in Operations Research and Management Science (OR/MS)

This Minor is open to all students except majors in Operations Research & Engineering and Information Science, Systems, and Technology (ISST).

The Minor exposes students to the rational basis for decision making through understanding and modeling complex situations. Students use this understanding to predict system behavior and improve system performance. Students have the opportunity to obtain a wide exposure to the core methodological tools used in OR/MS including mathematical programming, stochastic and statistical models, and simulation.

The objective of the Minor is for students to obtain a broad knowledge of these fundamentals versus training students in one specific domain. Students are able to adjust the selection of their advanced courses in the Minor to pursue areas—either methodological or application oriented—of greatest interest to their educational goals.

The minor consists of (at least) 6 courses, which must satisfy the following stipulations:

At least three (3) courses from the following:

ENGRD 2700Basic Engineering Probability and Statistics
ORIE 3300Optimization I
ORIE 3310Optimization II
ORIE 3500Engineering Probability and Statistics
ORIE 3510Introduction to Engineering Stochastic Processes I
ORIE 4580Simulation Modeling and Analysis

Any ORIE courses at the 3000 level or higher including those above.

Academic Standards

Students are required to achieve at least a C- in each course in the Minor and maintain a GPA of 2.0 or better in all courses in the Minor.

Students may not receive credit for more than one Minor offered by the School of Operations Research and Information Engineering.