Prospective Ph.D. students are not expected to be fluent in every aspect of operations research. An undergraduate degree in operations research is not a requirement. Our incoming students come from many backgrounds such as engineering, mathematics, computer science, mathematical economics, or one of the physical sciences. An undergraduate calculus-based probability course is often helpful and students should have some background in computing.

Ph.D. candidates pursue focused and specialized interests in one of three areas of concentration:

  • Applied Probability and Statistics
  • Manufacturing Systems Engineering
  • Mathematical Programming

Ph.D. students participate in a rigorous intellectual program demanding independent investigation and achievement and characterized by original scholarly work of the highest caliber. The emphasis in the Ph.D. program is on operations research as a mathematical science. This provides our doctoral students with a strong analytical foundation for advanced research in the theory and methodology of Operations Research and in the development of new approaches to applications.

If you are passionate about research, have a desire for continued learning, and wish to make a meaning impact, we encourage you to apply!