M.Eng. Recruiting and Placement FAQ

Recruiting and placement questions about the ORIE M.Eng.

The following FAQs address recruiting and placement questions that prospective applicants have raised about Cornell's Master of Engineering program in Operations Research and Information Engineering

What jobs are open to graduates of the program?

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To learn about careers in Operations Research and Information Engineering, the website of INFORMS, the professional Operations Research organization, is a good place to start. INFORMS provides several career profiles that will give you an idea of the breadth of employment opportunities. You will also find job listings, including both business and academic jobs, and a list of companies that employ OR professionals.

Similar resources can be found through the Institute of Industrial amd Systems Engineers (IISE), the professional Industrial Engineering organization. Students interested in the Financial Engineering option should consult the International Association of Financial Engineers (IAFE).

Details on career development and placement reports for Cornell Master in Engineering with Financial Engineering students can be found on CFEM's placement statistics page.

Does Cornell place graduates in jobs?

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We are not able to guarantee jobs for our graduates. Cornell and the College of Engineering have excellent Career Services organizations that arrange on-campus interviews, assist in career planning, and provide guidance in the preparation of résumés and interviews. Because our program is usually completed in two semesters, the first of which usually coincides with the major recruiting season at Cornell, it is important to develop your job search strategy early. Students on F-1 visas often have difficulty arranging for Optional Practical Training in the United States, but many are able to do so.

A special internship track within the Financial Engineering option organizes summer internships for students continuing in the fall. These internships may qualify as curricular practical training.

What salaries are earned by new graduates of the program?

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Salaries vary each year, but some information about them, based on surveys of graduating students, is offered through the College of Engineering’s Career Services Office.

Does Cornell arrange for Curricular Practical Training or Optional Practical Training as defined by the F-1 visa?

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In certain circumstances, students enrolled in programs that include an interim summer may apply for CPT for their summer internships.

International students may be eligible for OPT upon graduation. Please check with Cornell's International Services office for more details about OPT.