Placement Statistics

Placement Statistics for Master in Financial Engineering Students

While the majority of our students have firm post-graduation plans by the time they graduate in the middle of December, some will find new job offers within the first months of the new year. Many new opportunities become available between February and May of the following year, and CFEM works closely with newly-minted alumni and recruiters to ensure high placement rates within 6 - 9 months after graduation.


October 2021 Employment News!

  • 100% placement for summer internships. All of our students who were looking for summer internships have secured their summer employment.
  • 60% of internships are in the USA, 52% are in NYC
  • 41% of summer internship offers were a direct result of CFEM resume drops and faculty/staff connections

From the Fall 2020 Graduating Class, all students have finalized their post-graduation plans and employment.


CFEM 2021 Summer Internship Placement

25 students were seeking internships, and 100% have been placed as of June 2021.


Internship by Role
Buy-Side (Hedge Fund & Non-Hedge Fund)40%
Financial Software/Fintech16%
Other (Consultancy/Advisory, etc.)4%


Internship by Financial Markets
All Markets40%
Global Assets/Multi-Assets20%
Other (ETFs, Commodities, etc.)8%
Fixed Income8%


Internship by Title


Internship by Business Function
Quantitative Modeling/Research36%
Trading (Traditional & Quantitative)16%
Asset Management16%
Other (Financial Product Research, etc.)12%
Data Science/Technology8%
Risk Management8%
Investment Banking 4%


Geographic Location
New York52%
         Other U.S.8%
Hong Kong4%