CFEM Practitioners and Faculty

Who is Who @ CFEM

CFEM has a long history of collaborating with highly successful financial professionals in order to deliver the most relevant and applicable real-life experience to our students. Here you will find a list of CFEM practitioners and faculty who taught during the 2017-2018 academic year.


Victoria Averbukh pic

Victoria Averbukh
Bond Mathematics and Mortgage-Backed Securities

Irene Aldridge pic

Irene Aldrich
Market Microstructure: The Hottest Issues Today

Andrew Chin pic

Andrew Chin
Asset Management Seminar

Tarun Gupta pic

Tarun Gupta
Financial Data Practicum (FDS@CFEM)

Arseniy Kukanov pic

Arseniy Kukanov
Financial Data Practicum (FDS@CFEM)

Marcos Lopez de Prado pic

Marcos Lopez de Prado
Advances in Financial Machine Learning

Giuseppe Paleologo pic

Giuseppe Paleologo
Equity Risk Management

 Neal Parikh pic

Neal Parikh
Machine Learning in Finance (FDS @ CFEM)

Val Prasad pic

Val Prasad
Quantitative Portfolio Management: From Model to Market

Sasha Stoikov pic

Sasha Stoikov
Quantitative Trading Strategies

Edward Tom pic

Edward Tom
Equity Derivatives: Trading and Arbitraging the Volatility Surface 

Huseyin Topaloglu pic

Huseyin Topaloglu
Machine Learning for Finance (FDS@CFEM)

Saul Toscano-Palmerin pic

Saul Toscano-Palmerin
Applied Probability & Statistics

Jeffrey Yau pic

Jeffrey Yau
Financial Data Science (FDS @ CFEM)