CFEM Alumni Brochure: Ten Years, and Here's to Many More

As CFEM celebrates the achievements of its past, we look forward to welcoming new students who will shape the future of financial engineering!

CFEM Alumni Brochure (pdf)


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Professional Development

The Resume Drop is one of my favorite parts of our career development. It provides us with lots of great opportunities with a relatively high rate of getting an interview.

Maria Tao, CFEM 2017 (Putnam Investments, Boston)


I am glad I chose Cornell MFE because people here actually care about you and your future career path.

Leo Bao, CFEM 2017 (Bank of America, NY)


The MFE degree at Cornell has an exceptionally strong curriculum that prepared me for a variety of career paths within finance. It has exposed me to professors, students, and industry professionals that have been crucial to my success.

Nicholas Wilk, CFEM 2017 (Dimensional Fund Advisors, Charlotte)


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CFEM Graduation

Images of CFEM’s Graduating Classes


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CFEM’s International Network


Mexico City

New York City


San Francisco/Bay Area


New Jersey





Southern California


Washington, D.C.




Hong Kong





Kuala Lumpur



Where will you take us next?


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Image of CFEM Alumni at their weddings, holding their newborn children, etc.


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What Makes Us CFEM?


The excellent career service and a really great director. Yiqiao Wang ‘15


Interview Opportunities

All three of my positions, including the first full-time job, were through networking. Ruochen Ai ‘14



I married Zoe Wang, whom I met in the program! Joseph Li ‘14

I made friends and got to know other people with the same background and career interests as me. Most importantly, it is in CFEM that I met my wife, Luna. Kai Feng ‘15


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What Makes Us CFEM?

Project Experience

The experience of working on real-life problems in CFEM projects. Bryan Tam ‘17


Academic Rigor

It’s an extremely rigorous program that taught me a variety of practical skills. Professors Averbukh and Caggiano go above and beyond in terms of how much they care about the students, their learning, and job placement. Devashish Kumar ‘10


Work-Life Balance

[At my current job] the work-life balance is far better than basically every banking or trading job on the street. William Lentz ‘17


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What Makes Us CFEM?


Communication Skills

Business comes down to communicating your ideas and working with colleagues from different backgrounds. Seong Leol Sim ‘12


Sense of Community

As a foreigner with no relatives here, having friends who live in the same city and share similar interests was the best thing for me. Xiaocheng Chen ‘14


Cornell Alumni Status

A good network and strong relationships with my classmates. They will always offer help when I’m in need. Nan Qiu ‘17


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Thank you to all CFEM Alumni for staying in touch!

“CFEM’s greatest strength lies in its people.” Dr. Shane Henderson, Director of ORIE


Director of CFEM

Professor of Practice Victoria Averbukh


Senior Research Associate

Dr. Sasha Stoikov


Associate Director of Career Development

Elizabeth Drummond


CFEM Assistant & Events Coordinator

Roselle Bajet