Student Progress Review

Student Progress Review for the Graduate Field of Operations Research

Starting in their second year and for the duration of their program, graduate students are required to meet annually with their Special Committee and complete a Student Progress Review (SPR) using the Graduate School’s online system.

Information about the SPR is available for students and faculty on the Graduate School website under “Academic Progress” > “Requirements” > “Student Progress Review”.

Below are the links to the Student Progress Review (SPR) Form. Please note that these links will only work for a graduate student with a committee chair; for anyone else (e.g., faculty or staff), the links below will not work and an error will be generated.

Doctoral Students:

To start a new SPR Standard Form: Student Progress Review (SPR) Standard 2020-2021

To access a previously saved (draft) SPR Standard Form:SPR Forms Portal


Please submit your portion of the Student Progress Review no later than Friday, November 30, 2020. Faculty will be asked to submit their portion no later than Friday, December 11, 2020.

Suggested process for completion:

  1. Verify in Student Center that your Special Committee is up-to-date (Chair plus 2 minor members).
  2. Schedule a meeting with your committee chair to discuss your portion of the Student Progress Review.
  3. Submit the online Student Progress Review at least 10 days prior to your meeting. (Once you submit your portion of the SPR, it is automatically sent to your committee chair.) You must submit your portion by November 30
  4. Meet with your faculty advisor/committee chair to discuss your progress and planning.
  5. Faculty submit their portion of the online form by December 11.


Important Notes:

  • Graduate students and committee chairs are required to complete the Student Progress Review annually, starting in the student’s second year.
  • Please fill out the form as completely as possible. This not only helps to track progress toward your degree but can also serve as a useful record for you to refer to throughout your program and in preparation for your post-graduate career planning. If a question is not applicable, simply enter “NA”.
  • For any publications, please include the PMCID numbers along with the citations; this helps greatly in the training grant submission process.


The SPR Form:

Section 1: Student and Program Information (pre-populated with information from student records)

Section 2: Student Reflections on Academic and Professional Development

Section 3: Student Academic Planning

Section 4: Student Career Planning and Professional Development

Section 5: Field-Specific Questions for the Student (not applicable for Operations Research)

Student Document Upload (students are asked to upload a current resume or curriculum vitae; they may also upload up to five additional documents)



Faculty Feedback – General Comments and Overall Evaluation
(to be completed by the student’s advisor/special committee chair)


View a sample of the SPR Form


SPR Form Tips for Students