Andrew Constantino

Andrew Constantino working with his team on his M.Eng project.
  • Hometown: Operations Research

Andrew Constantino did his undergraduate work at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis. The Academy is a four-year college where Andrew received training to receive his commission as a naval officer.

"It was an amazing experience that has helped prepare me to lead the sailors fighting in today's Navy," Andrew says of his time in Annapolis.

Normally, graduates of the Naval Academy go immediately to begin further training for their roles in the fleet. In a few lucky cases, such as Andrew's, the Navy allows graduates to take a detour to graduate school first, and Andrew was given the honor of attending Cornell.

Andrew's most challenging task while earning my masters has been the M.Eng. project. He is working with a team to develop scheduling tool software for Ornge, a Toronto based air-transport company. Ornge is a non-profit company responsible for air-lifting patients from hospitals and airports around the province of Ontario, often in areas where the only accessible route in and out is by air. The team of M.Eng students is picking up where prior M.Eng. groups left off with redesigning a more sleek user interface, fixing bugs, and programming a schedule repair function that will allow for real time scheduling updates for the company. Finishing this project is Andrew's last major goal before graduation.

After graduation this May, Andrew will be moving to Pensacola, Fla. to begin training to become a pilot. Pilot training is a two-year process that will hopefully be the beginning of a long career. The M.Eng. degree in Applied Operations Research will qualify him for a plethora of exciting new positions within the Navy and will give Andrew many more options down the road.

In his spare time, in between classes and school work, Andrew enjoys swimming and playing sports such as basketball and softball. Andrew played on an intramural softball team at Cornell this spring with other ORIE students.

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