Li Jiang

Li Jiang

Operations Research and Information Engineering
Applied OR


MEng Concentration: Applied Operations Research
Areas of Interest: Consulting, Data Analytics, Software Development
Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2012

I am a self-disciplined and hardworking individual who is eager to be challenged. I am interested in work opportunities in consulting, data analytics and software development.

My undergraduate experience in electrical engineering and current high-demanding curriculum in operations research have armed me with analytical and quantitative skills as well as critical thinking ability. During challenging projects in my coursework, such as implementing stochastic programming model for portfolio management, I have proved myself to be an independent worker and a fast learner.

Apart from my intellectual growth in class, I was also able to improve my problem solving skills and communication ability from working experiences. As a teaching assistant at Cornell, I hold office hours and collaborate with my colleagues to help students from diverse backgrounds learn Optimization. During my internship at Ascend Analytics, I got exposed to financial services in energy markets and gained hands-on experience in SAS to transform my ideas into realization. Through these experiences, I learned to be a good team player and take full responsibility. I firmly believe that with what I learned from practical experience together with my strong background in operations research, I would make a valuable contribution to organizations in related industries.