Jorge Mexia

Jorge Mexia

Operations Research and Information Engineering
Financial Engineering


MEng Concentration: Financial Engineering
Anticipated Graduation Date: December 2014
Areas of Interest: Investment Management, Sales & Trading

Jorge Mexia is a graduate student pursuing a Master’s degree in Financial Engineering from Cornell University. He obtained his BSc. cum laude from the School of Operations Research and Information Engineering also at Cornell. Jorge has interned in the Corporate Equity Derivatives Desk at Citigroup in New York City and the Asset Management Division at BBVA Bancomer in Mexico City.

At Citigroup, Jorge gained experience in pricing a wide variety of financial derivatives. He interacted on a daily basis with clients and prepared pitch books for their specific needs. Jorge also analyzed the collateral of equity collateralized margin loans and participated in one of the largest known deals. He also created a database that automatically fed from Bloomberg and merged this with Citi’s internal information in a user-friendly interface.

Jorge is pursuing a degree in Financial Engineering to further increase his quantitative skills and understanding of financial markets. Upon completion of the program, Jorge wishes to work in a challenging and mentally demanding environment. Jorge is interested mainly in investment management and sales & trading.

In his spare time Jorge likes to play golf, soccer and volleyball. He also enjoys snowboarding and reading.