Gloria D'Azevedo

Gloria D'Azevedo

Operations Research and Information Engineering
Data Analytics


M.Eng. Concentration: Data Analytics        
Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2017
Areas of Interest: Statistics, Optimization, Analytics, Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail

Gloria D’Azevedo earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Waterloo in 2016 with a triple major in statistics, mathematical finance, and actuarial science.  From the variety of courses and internships, she has developed a love for data, analysis, and critical thinking.

Gloria has completed several internships throughout her undergraduate career in industries such as consumer packaged goods, casino table gaming, social networks, and telecommunications.  In addition, she has research experience from the Oak Ridge National Laboratory when she completed her high school math thesis.

During her internships at Customer Marketing Group, Inc., Gloria has worked with trade fund managers and clients to increase promotion efficiency, develop internal databases for historical promotions, and assist with ad-hoc client requests.  At Facebook, she worked with engineers to improve the ad creation workflow and empower small businesses to advertise with social media.

Gloria is eager to begin a career applying optimization and statistical techniques in her chosen industry.  

In her spare time, she completed courses for wedding planning, bartending, and also the Zumba® B1 certification.  She believes that creativity and diversity are important in the workplace and these skills open the mind for new ideas and solutions.