Alonso Lucero

Alonso Lucero

Operations Research and Information Engineering
Data Analytics


MEng Concentration: Strategic Operations

Areas of Interest: Consulting

Alonso received his bachelor’s in mathematics from Cornell University. As an undergraduate, Alonso worked in two consulting projects in which he demonstrated strong analytical, teamwork and leadership skills. He developed a feasibility study for a local company for which he received The Dorman Family Business Counseling Award due to the quality and scope of the market research and recommendations. He also co-developed a business plan for a Latin American based company. Based on the provided recommendations the company decided not to pursue the ven- ture, avoiding investing its limited human and capital resources.

Alonso is interested in pursuing a job that can continuously challenge him and provide him the opportunity to make a positive impact as his previous projects have allowed him to do so. He is interested in working for a company that fosters a teamwork environment, encourages individu- als to be creative and values strong leadership and analytical skills.

His master’s project is the Strategic Operations Immersion Program in the Johnson Graduate School of Management. It involves strategy, operations and supply management consulting for over 30 companies. Upon completion of the ORIE MEng program, he hopes to apply his knowl- edge of strategic operations in the consulting management industry.