Abhishek Dixit

Abhishek Dixit

Operations Research and Information Engineering
Applied OR


Abhishek graduated from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur with an integrated Master’s of Science in Applied Geology.

Working as a software engineer in the e-commerce sector at Bright Lifecare (healthkart.com), Abhishek leveraged technologies like java, spring MVC, hibernate and MySql to deliver technical solutions to the warehouse management team. This experience allowed him to work closely with both the technical and business part of the organization. Here, he displayed good versatility by working on all in-house modules at the organization and honed his multi-tasking skills.

His entrepreneurial nature drove him to set up his own startup, focused on providing digital marketing solutions. Where, as the co-founder/technical lead, he explored several technologies like PHP, C++, Java and MySql to drive technical innovation. Leading a team of designers and software engineers to execute projects enabled him to develop a strong working relationship with individuals at all levels and in a variety of roles. Here, he displayed good motivation, quick learning ability, resource handling and leadership skills.

Abhishek has had intensive research experience in mathematical modelling and simulation owing to two internships at the University of Leeds, one at National Physical Laboratory, Delhi and a thesis project.

Abhishek is self-motivated and a team player. He enjoys working in a fast paced, demanding environment which requires learning on the job.

At Cornell, Abhishek is focusing on expanding his knowledge in quantitative finance and data analytics to support his interest in finance and consulting.