Major Approved Elective

All Major-Approved electives must be technical courses numbered 2000 or above. "Technical" means that in a significant part of the course students actively use their skills in mathematics, the sciences, or engineering design in homework or projects. 9 hours of major approved electives are required** (see next paragraph). At least 3 hours must be outside of ORIE so that with CS 2110 and the behavioral science elective at least 9 hours of the major program are outside of ORIE. Major-approved Electives are categorized into Category A (Engineering, Science, and Mathematics) and Category B (Engineering Design, Finance, and Economic Analysis). At least 6 credits must be in Category A.

For the Classes of 2020 and 2021, the Organizational Behavior course may be replaced with an additional 3 credits in Major-Approved Electives, from either category A or B. If students do not take an Organizational Behavior course, Major Approved Electives will require 12 credits with at least 6 credits from the A category and at least 6 credits outside of ORIE. The College requires at least 9 credits of the major program to be outside of ORIE. Those credits are CS 2110 and 6 credits of Major Approved Electives outside of ORIE.

Up to 3 credits from CS 4999 can be counted towards Major-Approved Electives (Category A), but none towards ORIE Electives.

A total of 3 credits can be counted for each course ORIE 4990 and ORIE 4999 towards ORIE Electives.  Any credits beyond the 9 credits of ORIE Electives can be rolled over to Major-Approved Electives (where they are in Category A). 

Below are lists of popular courses that may be used as major-approved electives. Students may petition for other courses to be allowed. Petitions go to the Associate Director for Undergraduates who, with the Academic Standards Committee, will determine if the course meets the definition of "technical" and whether the course is in category A or B. A petition must be accompanied by a syllabus of the course indicating the textbooks used and the types of assignments that will be given.

Following are courses that MAY be used as major-approved electives in Category A (Engineering, Science, and Mathematics):

AEM 4110 (Introduction to Econometrics) (but not with Econ 3140) AEP 4210 (Mathematical Physics I)

ASTRO 3340 (Symbolic and Numerical Computing)

BEE 2220 (Bioengineering Thermodynamics and Kinetics) BIOMG 3300 (Principles of Biochemistry)

BIOMG 3310 (Principles of Biochemistry: Proteins and Metabolism) BIOMG 3320 (Principles of Biochemistry: Molecular Biology)

BTRY 4270 (Survival Analysis)

BTRY 4381 (Biomedical Data Mining and Modeling) CHEM 2080 (General Chemistry II)

CHEM courses with CHEM 2080 or 2160 as a prerequisite EAS 3420 (Atmospheric Dynamics)

EAS 4840 (Inverse Methods in the Natural Sciences)  ECE 4450 (Computer Networks and Telecommunications)

ECE 3530 (Introduction to Systems and Synthetic Biology)

ECON 3140 (Introduction to Econometrics, but not with AEM 4110) ECON 3120 is not approved. ECON 3810 (Decision Theory)

All MATH Courses numbered 3000 or above EXCEPT 4030, 4080, 4710, 4720, and 4740 All PHYSICS courses with Physics 2213 or 2214 as a prerequisite

All ENGRD Courses (except ENGRD 2700 which must be used in the Distribution category.) CEE 4630 (Future Transportation Technologies and Systems)

CEE 5980 (Intro to Decision Analysis)

CEE 6230 (Environmental Quality Systems Analysis) All CS courses with CS 2110 as a prerequisite

CS 2770 (Computational Sustainability) CS 2800 (Discrete Structures)

CS 3420 (Embedded Systems)

CS 4450 (Introduction to Computer Networks) CS 4810 (Intro to Theory of Computing)

CS 4852 (Networks II) (CS 2850, Networks, is NOT a Major Approved elective). CS 4999 (up to 3 credits, but see the preceding discussion)

CS 5722 (Heuristic Methods for Optimization) INFO 2950 (Introduction to Data Science) MAE 3100 (Intro. to Applied Math)

MAE 4860 (Automotive Engineering)

MAE 5790 (Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos) PSYCH 4760 (Quantitative Methods  2) PAM 3100 (Multiple Regression Analysis)

PAM 5690 (Regression Analysis and Managerial Forecasting) STSCI 3100 (Statistical Sampling)

STSCI 4030 (Linear Models with Matrices) STSCI 4140 (Applied Design)

SYSEN 5300 (SysEng and Six Sigma for the Design and Operation of Reliable Systems) All ORIE courses numbered 3000 or above EXCEPT 4152, 9000, 9100, 9101, and 9110 For ORIE 4990 and ORIE 4999, see preceding discussion

Courses that MAY be used as major-approved electives in Category B (Engineering Design, Finance, and Economic Analysis):

AEM 3100 (Business Statistics)

AEM 3390 (Research Methods in International Development) AEM 4060 (Risk Simulation and Monte Carlo Methods)

AEM 4160 (Strategic Pricing)

AEM 4210 (Futures, Options and Financial Derivatives) AEM 4230 (Topics in Behavioral Finance)

AEM 4260 (Fixed Income Securities)

AEM 4280 (Valuation of Capital Investment) AEM 4290 (International Financial Management)

AEM 4380 (Entrepreneurial Strategy for Technology Ventures) AEM 4390 (Technology Strategy)

AEM 4410 (Marketing Research)

AEM 4610 (Business Processes, Analytics and Enterprise Systems) AEM 4615 (Digital Platform Strategy)

AEM 4660 (Market Dynamics, Computer Simulation and Modeling) AEM 4670 (Investments)

BEE 3299 (Sustainable Development) BEE 4010 (Renewable Energy Systems)

BEE 4890 (Entrepreneurial Management for Engineers) ECON 4220 (Financial Economics)

ECON 4610 (Industrial Organization I) ECON 4620 (Industrial Organization II)

ECON 4903 (Quantitative Analysis of Economic Data) CEE 3610 (Introduction to Transportation Engineering) CEE 4530 (Research in Environmental Engineering) CEE 4640 (Transportation Systems Design)

CEE 5900 (Project Management)

CEE 5970 (Risk Analysis and Management) CS/INFO 2300 (Intermediate Web Design) INFO 3300 (Data-Driven Web Applications) INFO 3350 (Text Mining History and Literature) INFO 4120 (Ubiquitous Computing)

ORIE 4152/ENGRG 4610 (Entrepreneurship for Engineers) HADM 3430 (Marketing Research)

HADM 4410 (Strategic Management) MAE 2250 (Mechanical Synthesis)

NBA 4120 (Equity Investment Research and Analysis) NBA 5060 (Financial Statement Analysis)

NBA 5380 (The Business Idea Factory) 1.5 cr.

NBA 5061 (Comprehensive Financial Statement Analysis) NBA 5410 (Project Management)

NBA 5420 (Investments and Portfolio Analysis)

NBA 5550 (Fixed Income Securities and Interest Rate Derivatives) NBA 6200 (Marketing Research)

NBA 6730 (Intro. to Derivatives, Part 1) NBA 6740 (Intro. to Derivatives, Part 2) NBA 6930 (Strategy and Tactics of Pricing)

NBA 6940 (Equity derivatives and related products)

“Team” courses such as MAE 4250 (FSAE Auto Design) may be used for a total of 3 credits of major approved electives in Category B.