"Buy-Side Quant of the Year": CFEM Professor Marcos López de Prado and Collaborator Alex Lipton Earn Highest Honors in Risk Awards 2021

By: Roselle Bajet

Marcos López de Prado and Alex Lipton have been named Buy-Side Quant of the Year in the Risk Awards 2021 for their contributions towards solving the problems of stop-loss and profit-taking in optimal trading.

Their innovative solution involves heat potentials, demonstrating the power of mathematical physics in financial applications. While the collaborators have only just started working with each other, both have longstanding ties to the CFEM community. Currently a Visiting Professor at CFEM, as well as the Global Head of Quantitative Research and Development at the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, Marcos López de Prado has been teaching the class "Advances in Financial Machine Learning" for several years. He has also served as the advisor for graduate student teams in their capstone projects. Both Marcos López de Prado and Alex Lipton have been guest lecturers at our Financial Engineering Seminar Series, speaking about such topics as machine learning funds and asset-backed currencies, respectively.

To read the news on their award in full, view the article on the Risk website, and register for our upcoming Cornell-Citi Financial Data Science Webinar to check out the latest breakout stars in finance! CFEM is proud to be associated with these leaders and their outstanding work. 

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