Kapil Mathur, M.Eng. ’87, Ph.D. ‘88

Organization: Cubist Systematic Strategies
Position: Portfolio Manager

Kapil MathurDr. Kapil Mathur came to the U.S. as a student almost three decades ago. Kapil has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology and a doctoral degree from Cornell University. On graduating from Cornell, Kapil spent several years working at Thinking Machines Corporation in Cambridge, Mass. He then relocated to New York City to work at the quantitative hedge fund D. E. Shaw where he developed and traded strategies in Europe and United Kingdom. Following that, he was hired as a Portfolio Manager at HBK Investments developing quantitative strategies for US equities. For the past twelve years, Kapil manages a global team, which trades financial instruments worldwide using data driven quantitative methods at Cubist Systematic Strategies (formerly SAC Capital Advisors).

Outside of work, Kapil is a passionate reader, an avid collector of old comic books, and an ardent fantasy football player. To pass time, he enjoys detective and crime TV shows from all over the world.