Christopher J. Mazzei '95

Organization: EY
Position: Global Vice Chair, Strategy

Chris MazzeiAs EY Global Vice Chair, Strategy, Chris reports to the CEO and leads a team that focuses on several areas:

  1. Strategic Intelligence: Evaluating key market and competitive trends that will impact EY in the next 3-5 years.
  2. Strategy Development: Defining enterprise strategy as well as working on selected business unit level strategic reviews.
  3. Strategy Execution: Helping drive implementation of key initiatives and monitoring performance.
  4. Portfolio Management: Evaluating the business portfolio and using that to shape key investment decisions.
  5. Corporate Development: Developing acquisition strategy, targeting and deal evaluation.

Prior to his current role, Chris was the Chief Data & Analytics Officer. He led a center of excellence which incorporated data and analytics into EY’s offerings for clients across all service lines and oversaw how EY responsibly curates data for commercial opportunities. In this role, Chris’ team also explored a portfolio of emerging technologies including AI, blockchain, and robotic process automation and how these technologies create opportunities for EY to incorporate into its own service operations as well as impact EY clients.