Xuan Xuan

Operations Research and Information Engineering
Financial Engineering


MEng Concentration: Financial Engineering
Area(s) of Interest: Risk Management, Trading, Research
Expected Graduation Date:
December 2011

Xuan Xuan received her bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Western Ontario and received the highest distinction. She was also the sole international recipient in her discipline of the Canada’s Ontario Graduate Scholarship.

In her role as a research assistant while attending UWO, she studied how the current financial crisis affects the structural change of Canadian industry by using macroeconomic theories and time series analysis.

With Xuan's economics background, she interned with the Industrial China Galaxy Securities Company prior to attending Cornell. As an analyst, she utilized quantitative methods to research several equity industry sectors and produce daily investment consulting reports for customers.

She was motivated to pursue the M.Eng. program at Cornell instead of pursuing a PhD in Economics. This was the result of a strong interest in Finance and eagerness to work with the pressure found in this type of challenging and exciting environment. With her combination of quantitative skills and deep understanding in Economics, she is confident that she will be a valuable asset to the financial industry upon graduation.

In her spare time, Xuan enjoys jogging in playground track, swimming and cooking.