Vinay Kabadi

Vinay Kabadi

Operations Research and Information Engineering


MEng Concentration: Strategic Operations

Areas of Interest: Consulting, Strategic Planning, Supply Chain Management, Production Management

Vinay Kabadi obtained his bachelor’s in mechanical engineering from R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore. During his undergraduate studies, he completed a project at the Tata Motors Research Centre, IISc Bangalore where he designed a variable flow rate ejector to be used in fuel cell systems. Previously, he has worked as a design engineer at General Motors Technical Centre-India. At General Motors, he demonstrated expertise in tolerance stack-up analysis for automotive engine systems and provided engineering support to manufacturing activities.

Vinay was drawn to the field of operations research because of the opportunity it provides him to analyze complex situations and advance his analytical skills. The current business scene has never been more challenging. The tight credit markets have rippled through the global economy. Vinay believes that the current business systems can be made more productive by improving the communication where engineering meets business. After graduating he would like to assume a profit-and-loss responsibility with a company, including positions in consulting, strategic planning, supply chain management and production management.

Being a naturally gifted athlete, Vinay is a sprinter and has represented his state at the National Games. He has a passion for sports and enjoys playing competitive soccer during the weekends.