Ruobing Han

Operations Research and Information Engineering
Applied OR


MEng Concentration: Applied OR
Area(s) of Interest: Financial Engineering, Investment Bank, Trader, Risk Management, Asset Management, Consulting, Business Technology, Software Development, Insurance, Private Wealth Management
Expected Graduation Date:
December 2011

I transferred my major from Electrical Engineering to Applied Operations Research at Cornell because my real passion lies in Finance. My undergraduate study demonstrates my technology and leadership skill by leading multiple projects. Last summer, I took an internship at Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, where I worked for the International Finance Department, also I helped the bank with Private Wealth Management, and I realized that financial expertise is highly demanding in China nowadays. This summer I served for the Wall StreetE Financial Service in the Wall Street as a stock broker, and I realized my potential in this sales position because of my communications skills with clients.

Given my interest in Financial Engineering, I enjoy my coursework, especially those improves my quantitative and analytical skills. I believe Finance is important throughout the world so I am willing to be relocated by my future employers. Based on my study, I have a strong interest in investment bank, risk management, asset management, trading and business technology. I also like the consulting job, given my mixture of background knowledge and willing to travel and work with different groups of people, a career in consulting would also be suitable to me.