Qin Lu

Qin Lu

Operations Research and Information Engineering
Data Analytics


M.Eng. Concentration: Data Analytics
Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2017
Areas of Interest: Data Analytics, Consulting, Trading

Qin Lu received her bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics with a minor in Finance from Wuhan University. In her undergraduate thesis, aimed at reducing calculation cost of big data classification problem, she applied stochastic gradient descent algorithm to logistic regression model, and successfully reduced the calculation cost by 50% compared with traditional SVM method.

While interning at Industrial Securities in China, she collected and analyzed clients’ purchase records and risk preferences from past five years’ data and provided a list of targeted clients of a bonded-debt fund for the Sales Department. She also worked closely with a split capital trust investment consulting team and presented analytical results of risk and interest rate to clients.

She developed analytic and quantitative mindsets in modeling competitions, where she converted complex reality problems to mathematical and statistical models for deeper insights and optimal solutions, and she won several awards. These academic projects further enhanced her knowledge in advanced algorithms of machine learning and hands-on complicated programming experience.  

Qin looks forward to pursuing a career in data analytics and consulting upon graduation, where she could apply analytical and programming skills to boost business insights.