Mengting Guo

Mengting Guo

Operations Research and Information Engineering
Financial Engineering


MEng Concentration: Financial Engineering 
Anticipated Graduation Date: December 2017

Julia Guo received her Bachelor Degree in Mathematics with minors in Philosophy and Economics from New York University, and she was awarded as University Honors Scholar. She has dedicated much of her academic career to studying the mathematical applications. She did a project on the polynomial interpolation using Matlab, representing polynomials in terms of Chebyshev nodes rather than equidistant nodes, and thus significantly improving the accuracy of the interpolation and achieving a finite error bound. These skills that she acquired would prepare her for more effective pricing strategies and quantitative analysis in the future.

During her internship at DH Fund Management Company, Julia collaborated with the hedging department and helped build a seismic model for predicting the future trend in stock market. She was surprised by the various connections drawn from seemingly irrelevant fields to finance and therefore became determined to explore more about finance.

In addition, she joined the high school Nordic Skiing team despite zero skiing experience. After thousands of times of falling and repeated practices, she managed to achieve a middle rank in New England Championship within two seasons.

Julia is eager to pursue a career in quantative analysis upon graduation. In her spare time, she is interested in crosscountry running, skiiing and Italian operas.