James Hu

Operations Research and Information Engineering
Data Analytics


MEng Concentration: Data Analytics
Areas of Interest: Consulting, Chinese History & Literary Studies
Anticipated Graduation Date:
May 2012

James earned his B.S. degree in Operations Research & Information Engineering from Cornell University in 2010. Upon joining the Master of Engineering program, James collaborated with HCL AXON on a six-month research project for the Canadian National Railway. As a Data Analytics major, James analyzed CN’s 1.6 million records of operations data and provided critical insights on how to eliminate cascading crew shortages, an enduring problem affecting US$200-300M revenue annually.

Combining powerful data techniques and exceptional interpersonal skills, James caters to the ever-shifting needs of clients from a wide spectrum of industries. Thrilled at every opportunity to solve business problems, he is destined to lead the next generation of professional consultants.