CFEM Practitioner Dr. Marcos Lopez de Prado is Named "Head of Machine Learning" at AQR

AQR's new "Head of Machine Learning" is Dr. Marcos Lopez de Prado of CFEM.

News from Cornell Financial Engineering Manhattan (CFEM): Our long-term lecturer Dr. Marcos Lopez de Prado has just been named Head of Machine Learning at AQR Capital Management, a new role that will capitalize on his extensive knowledge of machine learning analytics and applications.

Dr. Lopez de Prado has been involved with CFEM since 2016, the year that CFEM first pioneered Financial Data Science Certificate (FDS) for our Master in Financial Engineering students. Dr. Lopez de Prado was one of the instrumental practitioners to devise the program curriculum and has been teaching ever since. He currently teaches “Advances in Financial Machine Learning” as required coursework for all FDS students.

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