Tarun Gupta

Tarun GuptaAQR Capital Management
Financial Data Practicum (FDS@CFEM)

Tarun Gupta has extensive experience in quantitative strategies, particularly long-short equity strategies. He is currently a Managing Director at AQR Capital Management, a global investment management firm. Tarun leads a global research team at AQR that concentrates on alpha research for stock selection. He focuses on innovative research in quantitative finance, which includes development and ongoing management of trading strategies. Prior to AQR, Tarun worked at Goldman Sachs, where he was a Vice President and lead portfolio manager for Global Equity portfolios, among other funds. He has reviewed academic articles for top finance journals and served as a judge on various panels.  

Tarun earned Ph.D. and M.A degrees in economics with specializations in asset pricing and macroeconomics from the University of Chicago. He also holds undergraduate degrees in mathematics and economics.

Course Taught:
Financial Data Practicum