Zihao Song

Zihao Song

Operations Research and Information Engineering
Financial Engineering


MEng Concentration: Financial Engineering
Anticipated Graduation Date: December 2015
Areas of Interest: Quantitative Research, Portfolio/Investment Management, Quantitative Risk Management

Zihao graduated summa cum laude from Stony Brook University in December 2013 where he received his bachelor’s degree with an honor certificate in Applied Mathematics & Statistics and Finance. Receiving numerous awards and scholarships from the applied math department, he decided to assist Dr. Rachev of FinAnalytica with his independent research in a quantitative finance group upon his early graduation from Stony Brook. Throughout the experience, Zihao cultivated a strong interest in quantitative research that he could apply to mathematically model financial markets using computer programing techniques.

In the summer of 2015, after completing his first year at Cornell’s Financial Engineering program, Zihao joined Wisdom Capital Asset Management as a quantitative research analyst intern. He led the research on various topics such as option pricing of certain special type and realized volatility forecasting using different methods. Zihao also developed statistical models for the firm and managed an important performance simulation project which he utilized his skills in mathematical modelling and programming with R and C++.

Aside from his quantitative and analytical ability, Zihao also worked as a consultant assistant for Ashton learning solution in 2013 to gain experience in the client-facing service sector and practiced his communication skills. Zihao not only developed and managed a large database obtained from market research, but also participated in sales meetings for client services. He brought in an extra $50,000 revenue personally as well as improved customer positive feedback by approximately 35%.

Upon graduation, Zihao would to pursue a career in quantitative research and investment management.