Zhexiao Zhang

Zhexiao Zhang

Operations Research and Information Engineering
Financial Engineering


Anticipated Graduation Date: December 2017
Education (previous degree): Zhejiang University; Bachelor of Economics, Major in Finance


  • AbleMarkets: Summer Analyst in Financial Data Analytics (Summer 2017)
  • Academic Project (Cornell University): Portfolio Optimization with CVaR (Spring 2017)
  • Academic Project: Volatility mechanism between equity market and Index futures (Spring 2016)
  • GTJA Securities: Summer Analyst in Quantitative Strategies (Summer 2014 and Summer 2015)
  • Academic Project (Zhejiang University): EEG Data Mining (Spring 2014)

Hobbies: Running, swimming, Spanish studies

Why do you want to pursue a career in finance?

I am most passionate and efficient when I am engaged in challenging and analytical tasks and can apply my knowledge in statistics and modeling to an abundance of data.

What makes you unique?

I was initially attracted to the subjects of Economics and Finance because of their focus on the social interplay and equilibrium dynamics, but after delving into models, I realized my true passion was in exploring and applying models with math and statistics. I have since been combining what I learned from those disciplines to form a consistent, comprehensive perspective on data analysis in finance.