Zhe Chen

Zhe Chen

Operations Research and Information Engineering
Financial Engineering


MEng Concentration: Financial Engineering
Anticipated Graduation Date: December 2013
Areas of Interest: Fixed Income, Portfolio Management, Private Equity Investment

Zhe Chen graduated from McGill University in 2011, where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics with First Class Honours.

As a research assistant at McGill’s Scientific Computing Lab during his junior year, he developed a revised numerical method for solving a class of mixed integer quadratic-constrained least squares problems. In his independent study project, he focused on the design and simulation of an optimal sliding mode algorithm in hybrid dynamic systems, while he studied extensive topics in dynamic optimization and optimal control in the fields of engineering and applied economics.

After graduating from McGill, Zhe decided to take a junior analyst position in the Fixed Income Division of China Investment Securities Co., Ltd, where he involved in the quantitative research for credit risk assessment and loans valuation, and in the industry-oriented research for the domestic issue of high yield bonds in China. Zhe then joined the International Business Division of Shenzhen Capital Group Co., Ltd. He conducted industry analysis and financial due diligence for the target TMT enterprises, participated in meetings with external advisors in assessing potential investment opportunities abroad, cooperated with senior team members to building financial models for assessment on investment returns and to establishing strategic development plans for invested enterprises in several venture capital investments.

By enhancing his analytical mind and understanding of financial market necessary for dealing with more complex financial activities through the Financial Engineering program at Cornell University, Zhe expects to pursue a career in a hedge fund and private equity firm where he can leverages his analytical skills to investment and portfolio management, and other fields in financial industry which will be intriguing to him.