Yuhong Ding

Yuhong Ding

Operations Research and Information Engineering
Information Technology


MEng Concentration: Information Technology
Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2014
Areas of Interest: Consulting, Operation Process Management, IT Infrastructure Management, Inventory Management, Project Reliability Control, Operations Research, Aviation, Automobile, Maritime Transportation, Defense

Yuhong Ding holds a B.Eng. in information engineering from City University of Hong Kong with a minor in finance. During his time at CityU, Yuhong served as leader in the department’s Peer-Assisted Learning Scheme using Supplemental Instruction Model (PALSI) and has participated various community relief schemes within the university. He was selected to the position on a weekly children servicing routine in local community. He has studied abroad at Nanyang Technological University at Singapore learning about engineering techniques during his junior year.

Yuhong worked as a research sssistant for the opto-electrical laboratory for National Central University at Taiwan. He played an influential role in the development of a software model used to capture the thermal characteristic of LED packaging materials, providing a reliable tool to optimize interface conductivity. Prior to joining the Operations Research and Information Engineering Master of Engineering program at Cornell University, he was working as an auditor intern in District Audit Bureau at Wuhan, a city in central China. His professional assignment under investment audit office, where he was responsible for analyzing data reported from agents, remarkably improved his problem-solving and project management skills. With the onus of assisting construction projects auditing, he visited all project sites and designed efficient data collection system.

Yuhong enjoys traveling around the world and has insatiable appetite for experiencing different cultures.