Yue Shi

Yue Shi

Operations Research and Information Engineering
Data Analytics


M.Eng. Concentration: Data Analytics                   
Anticipated Graduation Date: January 2018
Areas of Interest: Data Analytics, Supply Chain Management, Technology Consulting

Yue received her bachelor’s degree in Transportation from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in June 2016.

In the University Innovative Program at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, she worked on a team project about Anti-terrorism Strategy of Shanghai Rail Transit System. Though simulating metro network and modeling defenders’ and attackers’ behavior, Yue figured out the most vulnerable stations and provided optimal protection allocation, which further brought to Shanghai government attention.

While interning at Tyson Foods China, Yue completed data analysis of sales report, evaluated promotions and developed background materials for market research. During the summer intern at Shanghai Thinklight Information Technology Company, she did a feasible plan to solve parking problems around Shanghai Science Museum by analyzing daily parking data.

Yue is eager to apply her analytical and programming skills into real world problems. In her spear time, she likes to go swimming.