Xiaochen Fan

Operations Research and Information Engineering
Financial Engineering


MEng Concentration:Financial Engineering
Area(s) of Interest: Investment Banking, Risk Management, Financial Consulting
Expected Graduation Date: December 2011

Xiaochen Fan was awarded a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Nanjing University, the fifth-ranking University in China. During sophomore year, she attended the International Exchange Program to study at European Business School, London, UK. Her early interest in quantitative finance motivates her attempt in pricing CDS and convertible bonds in undergraduate projects.

To strengthen the competence in financial industry, she took several internships throughout her undergraduate study. When she interned at Actuarial Department of China Life Insurance (one of Fortune 500 enterprises), her performance in transacting and maintaining insurance trading data was strongly praised by supervisors. Earlier, interned as a financial analyst at Sales & Operations and Investment Banking Department of China CITIC Bank, she became familiar with credit risk management and participated in structured financial products trading.

The dissatisfaction about predicting price changes without quantitative basis and the over exaggeration of human behavior on stock market in China prompts her to join the Financial Engineering Program at Cornell University. Upon graduation, she hopes to combine mathematical techniques, programming skills and finance knowledge to pursue a challenging career in investment banks, hedge fund or consulting companies.

Her hobbies include travelling, sketching and yoga.