Teng Zhang

Teng Zhang

Operations Research and Information Engineering
Applied OR


MEng Concentration: Applied Operations Research
Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2016
Areas of Interest: Business Analytics, Product Management, Business Consulting, External Audit

Teng Zhang received his Bachelor of Science degree in accounting with a mathematics minor from Case Western Reserve University. In his undergraduate senior capstone, he and his team conducted a business consulting project of corporate expansion with a manufacturing company. He and his team implemented Porter Five Forces to evaluate potential markets for entry and developed scoring system to rate and compare each market. He did individual research of a foreign market and wrote a report regarding the possibility and methodology recommendations for entry.

While interning at Industrial and Commercial Bank of China during the summer of 2014, he learned credit standards and assessed financial conditions of loan applicants. He also assisted in customer consultations applying the principles of effective interest and other financial terms to explain the details of monthly lease payments.

As the international student ambassador, Teng led a group of 18 new international students through the university orientation process and built further connections with his team members.

Teng is looking forward to utilizing his business knowledge and engineering skills in his career to solve real business problems. He enjoys playing chess and has two provincial chess contest champions awarded.