Steven Liu

Steven Liu

Operations Research and Information Engineering
Strategic Operations


MEng Concentration: Strategic Operations
Areas of Interest: Capital Markets, Private Equity, Corporate Finance and Consulting
Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2012

Steven Liu graduated from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor with a B.S degree in Electrical Engineering. Prior to joining Cornell’s ORIE MEng program, he worked in Tokyo at Bandai Co., as a project manager for artificial intelligent talking devices.  Combining both his engineering background, and innovative problem solving skills, he gained interest in learning how companies function as a whole specifically in finance.

Furthermore, his experience as an intern at Deutsche Bank developing statistical analysis programs for DWS mutual funds lead him to gain interest to the world of finance, as well as all aspects related to financial products in global interest rate, derivatives, credit and currency markets.

Along with Steven’s interests in finance, one of the key traits he posses the ability to be successful in working with teams from across the globe in diverse fields. Having worked with engineering teams at Toyota Motors in Taiwan, he also instructed the Toyota Production System to increase the efficiency at suppliers by 30%. His team work experience in problem solving for engineering companies and banks also lead him to gain interest in the field of consulting.

Combining both his interest in engineering and finance, her currently pursues his master’s degree in Operations Research and Information Engineering at Cornell University.