Stefano Barbier

Stefano Barbier

Operations Research and Information Engineering
Information Technology


M.Eng. Concentration: Applied OR
Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2018
Areas of Interest: Software Development, Data Analytics, Business Strategy

Stefano Barbier graduated from Cornell University with a B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

As an independent study during his undergraduate, he developed a filter in Java to color-map JPEG images to the rainbow colors, and then built a one meter long neo-pixel LED strip controlled from an Arduino Uno that recreated the images in a long-exposure photograph by flashing pixel columns.

While interning at a manufacturing company in Austria, he shortened the company’s testing schedule by reordering and eliminating certain steps, and by introducing remote connection via tablet to the main system computer that increased technician mobility.

In his spare time Stefano enjoys photography, cooking, and skiing. He was a competitive skier throughout high school, and although he has only skied at Greek Peak once, most of his winters are devoted to skiing in Vermont.