Samuel Davis

Samuel Davis

Operations Research and Information Engineering
Data Analytics


MEng Concentration: Data Analytics
Areas of Interest: Healthcare, Consulting, Quantitative Marketing
Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2012

Sam Davis joined the Master of Engineering program at Cornell University with a concentration in Data Analytics in the fall of 2011. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Operations Research and Information Engineering from Cornell University. Between his undergraduate and graduate degrees, he worked as an actuary for four years with Hewitt Associates and Blue Cross Blue Shield. He has passed the first three Society of Actuaries exams.

While working with Hewitt Associates (now Aon Hewitt) as a healthcare consultant, Sam leveraged his technical background to redesign healthcare pricing templates and automate deliverable production. He presented financial results and strategic recommendations to several major companies including General Electric, Omnicom, Credit Suisse, and Pfizer.

While working with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Sam designed an algorithm in SAS to identify physician fraud and abuse. He found over $50 million in pursuable recoveries, and advised management on the most efficient order of physicians to approach. He also redesigned the completion factors model to allow real-time segmentation, projection, and sensitivity analysis.

In his spare time, Sam competes on Cornell’s Sport Taekwondo team. He is a first-degree black belt, and has been competing for ten years. He also enjoys running, backpacking, and playing guitar.