Qiran Zhu

Qiran Zhu

Operations Research and Information Engineering
Financial Engineering


Anticipated Graduation Date: December 2017

Education: Georgia Institute of Technology; Bachelor of Science, Major in Industrial Engineering


  • Asymmetric Capital Management: Analyst Intern for quant investment research (Summer 2017)
  • Academic Project: Portfolio Optimization Strategy (Spring 2017), Sector Statistical Arbitrage (Spring 2017), Multi-Factor Investment Model (Fall 2016)
  • Leadership: Vice President of Chinese Friendship Association at Georgia Tech, Team Captain for senior capstone project team at Georgia Tech

Hobbies: Playing basketball, playing football, reading and playing the drums        

Why do you want to pursue a career in finance?

I enjoy working in a challenging environment that allows me to apply my analytical and communication skills. Working in finance also gives me ample opportunities to continuously learn from experienced and talented individuals.

What makes you unique:

I have traveled to over twenty-five countries and have been exposed to many different cultures. My international experience has given me broader perspectives and helped to enhance my communication skills.