Qianyi (Crystal) Zhu

Qianyi (Crystal) Zhu

Operations Research and Information Engineering
Financial Engineering


MEng Concentration: Financial Engineering
Areas of Interest: Sales and Trading, Risk Management, Quantitative Research
Anticipated Graduation Date: December 2012

Qianyi Zhu earned her bachelor’s degree in finance and economics with distinction from Peking University in 2011. She studied abroad at the University of Virginia during her junior year.

Qianyi developed a keen interest in the financial markets after her internship in the investment banking division at CICC, where she built quantitative valuation models and conducted industry-specific researches to support senior associates. As quantitative research assistant while attending Peking University, she devised a technical analysis model to investigate the impact of media coverage on stock prices and coded an algorithm in SAS to make predictions. In her independent research, she examined the profitability of momentum trading strategies in the stock market and proposed ways to construct more profitable investment portfolios. The thesis is currently being reviewed for publication. She also interned at Capgemini and a start-up company to enrich her professional experience.

Qianyi hopes to enhance her analytical and computational skills through the Financial Engineering program at Cornell. With strong quantitative and communication skills, she is eager to pursue a career in trading, risk management or quantitative research upon graduation.

In her spare time, Qianyi enjoys playing poker, tennis, skiing and dancing.