Nan Qiu

Nan Qiu

Operations Research and Information Engineering
Financial Engineering


Anticipated Graduation Date:  December 2017

Education (previous degree):  Emory University; Bachelor of Science, Double Majors in Applied Mathematics and Economics


  • Citi: Summer Analyst in Global Country Risk (Summer 2017)
  • Academic Projects: Cornell University: Cornell Financial Engineering Final Project with KENSHO (Fall 2017); Cornell Optimization Modeling in Finance Project: An Empirical Study of Implementation Shortfall Algorithm Trading Strategy in Chinese A-share Market(Spring 2017); Cornell Optimization Modeling in Finance Project: A New Parametric Approach in Foreign Exchange Market (Spring 2017)
  • Emory University: Research Assistant of Professor Koohi, and Teaching Assistant of Introduction to Statistical Methods, Econometrics, and Economic Forecasting in Department of Economics (Spring 2015; Fall 2015; Spring 2016)

Hobbies: Chinese Calligraphy; Violin; Basketball; Swimming

Why do you want to pursue a career in finance?

Working in the financial industry allows me to utilize quantitative techniques to capture macroeconomic trends and help companies avoid risks.

What makes you unique?

I have been writing Chinese Calligraphy since the age of six and achieved the highest amateur level degree. Chinese Calligraphy has helped me to develop my diligence and persistence through daily practice.