Jiang Zhu

Jiang Zhu

Operations Research and Information Engineering
Data Analytics


M.Eng. Concentration: Data Analytics
Anticipated Graduation Date: May 2018
Areas of Interest: Data mining and analysis, Machine learning

Jiang Zhu received her bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Information Sciences and Technology for Industrial Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University. In her undergraduate capstone project with Philips, she conducted data analysis based on the inventory, production and order data collected during plant visits. Her team reduced transaction points in the material flows, which saved the weekly labor cost per transaction by 55.4% and 42.6% for two production lines respectively.

As a consulting intern at Infinity Equity Group in summer 2015, she examined the feasibility of a hospital’s online database development plan from both the economic and supervisory models. During her summer internship at Chengdu Daxin Optical Instrument Co., Ltd. in 2017, she improved production rate by decreasing scrap rate of lenses after analyzing the data of scrapped products reported weekly and monthly.

While working on a data mining project during her study at Penn State, she successfully led the team to forecast the sales data of a retail store through the data analysis executed in Rstudio.

During her leisure time, Jiang also participated in a 5K run and canning trip to support Thon, a student-run philanthropy aimed to help families and children who suffer from childhood cancer.